a) Municipal District (MD) of Foothills Alert System 

The MD of Foothills recently updated its Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) with the intention of increasing capacity to effectively manage impacts from perils, whether natural or human induced.

MD of Foothills Emergency Management Plan

Subscribe to Alberta Emergency Alerts to keep apprised of emergencies in your area. Albertans may sign up to receive alerts directly to cellphones, tablets and computers via Twitter, Facebook or RSS.

MD Foothills Alert

Emergency Links


b) Inspection Request:

Trained personnel from your local fire station will come to your house free of charge to inspect for home hazards. These inspections include testing of the smoke alarms, identification of vulnerabilities and a discussion about fire prevention.

Inspections are available between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Please be aware that emergency calls take precedent, and should a conflict arise we will reschedule your inspection as soon as possible.


c) Alberta Building Code 

Before beginning any home project, renovation or new construction it is strongly advised you refer to Alberta Municipal Affairs’ Building Codes and Standard before beginning to ensure you will have no difficulties with permitting. 

Alberta Building Codes and Standards

d) Alberta Fire Code

Those planning a special event should pay extra attention to fire codes. They are put in place to guarantee instances like overcrowding do not happen and that citizens remain safe at home, work and in public places. The MD of Foothills Fire Department can assist with special events planning and ensuring compliance with the Alberta Fire Code.

Alberta Fire Code

e) Alberta Fire Bans 

Due to our hot, dry and windy summers, as well as the MD of Foothills’ mainly rural location, fire bans are often in effect. And out-of-control grass fire can spread quickly. Checking for fire bans is a good way to avoid disaster – and a hefty fine. 

Alberta Fire Bans

f) Alberta Fire Permits 

There are a number of burning regulations in the MD of Foothills, and fire permits are mandatory. Permits are valid for up to five days from the date granted, however buring must occur within the specified time and at the noted place on the permit. Weather conditions may also preclude your permit’s use, for example, whenwinds exceed 12 kilometres an hour or are gusting. Permits may be obtained from a local Fire Guardian.

Fire Permit Information

g) Wildfires

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development provides regular updates on wildfires in the province. Practicing caution at all times and preventing wildfires in the first place is the best defense against these costly, damaging and potentially deadly disasters.  

Alberta Wildfire Map

h) Helpful Resources

These contacts and resources are available to help Albertans find the information they need regarding fire emergencies and legislation.